Tuesday, July 7

This is the end, my friend

This is it. After 5 years of fun, laughter and sporadic updates, we're closing this once mighty site down. It'll still be here, at least until Blogger notice this post (and let's face it, they will be one of the 5 or so who will actually read it) and delete the blog altogether.

We've had some great times over the last half-decade. Cakes, booze, parmos, music, sport and grizzly bears breakdancing have all featured. We were even funny, sometimes.

We'd like to thank some people, who helped over the years, or bigged us up elsewhere; Glen off OI, Scribbler off Mercury Vapour for linking to us for years with mixed results, the OI forum for messages of support, we love you all (but not like that, natch).

Thanks to our 'friends' Nathan Paylor, Bruno Tate, everyone we upset in Blackpool when we went. And so many more!

We'll still exist, of course. I can be found on OI ranting about films and telly. Mikey can be found almost exclusively on Xbox Live, and KG can be seen flitting from pub to pub on Southfield Road singing the theme from 'Casualty' at the top of his lungs. Come and see us, we'd love to meet you again!

Bye everyone.


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