Tuesday, February 3

A Moral Dilemma

So we're thinking of doing something with the Wallet. Like restarting it, rebuilding it, whatever. We've had some ideas, but maybe they won't come to fruition. I think we're a bit sick of seeing fantasy football scores every time we come on it, and it might be scaring both of our readers off.

So what to do? Build a site from scratch? Well, hey, that takes time, talent and temperament, three things of which we share little. Can someone explain the difference between wordpress and blogger? 

Our basic aim is to become the Middlesbrough pisshead equivalent of Top Gear, but on the net. Any help would be more than gratefully received.


Mike Heaney said...


Can we set up burnleywalletdreamteam.blogspot.com and then just put a link on the right hand side that gives the scores? That solves the scores on the front page all the time as I will just post to that.

Can we have a new header at the top, I sent one through a while back and can adapt it if you want? It should be more prominent than the OI one - sorry Glen - but it does a feel a bit like we're not our own thing.

I'm also not sure of the difference between Wordpress and Blogger. Limmy.com has a nicely presented blog on his website and I believe he uses wordpress. Any ideas we can gain inspiration (nick) from on there?

I will get cracking on looking at that script comedy thing we talked about.

c64glen said...

I have a few ideas, but I can't type them on here because; I'm Lazy and I hate typing blogger comments; ask here, please.


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