Tuesday, January 6

Are You Missing Woolworths?

I'm not. 

Inspired by a convo some of us lot had in the taxi on the way to Redcar with an old geezer (most of his family had just lost a job at Woolworths by the sound of it so yeah, it was a cheery ride to the seaside!).

What other old shops do you remember/miss?


Peter Heaney said...

I haven't been in a Woolies for ages. Some shops I miss, some more thsn others:

Our Price
Romer Parrish
Geordie Jeans
Great American Drugstore
Chips (the old Linny Road one)
The other games shop on Linny Road

Mike Heaney said...

Romer Parish - did I dream this or did it used to have a floor full or replica guns at one point?

c64glen said...

Aye, Add another vote for Romer Parrish.

I'll missed Woolies. I would go in every time I was in town mainly because it's was the only Toyshop left in the Boro.

Did the 'Great American Drugstore' have a cafe in the basement?

Scribbler said...

I'll not miss Woolies. At all.

I used to go in there all of the time when it sold good CDs, and it actually had a good selection.

But,as I no longer buy (new) CDs, I will not miss it.

Mike Heaney said...

Great American Drugstore? Enlighten me?

Peter Heaney said...

Where HMV is now, I think. And it had an American diner thingy downstairs.

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