Saturday, January 31


Joined Twitter but have one follower. Follow me, i'm dead interesting me. Honest.

Sunday, January 18


Imagine this going down in Boro...

Saturday, January 17


The greatest thing ever.

Sunday, January 11

Why Guitar Hero Exists

Bear with it.

A Youtube Story

Got an e-mail through today. As follows...

Dear kingchief1000,

Video Disabled.

A copyright owner has claimed it owns some or all of the audio content in your video Redcar 8-12-07. The audio content identified in your video is Rock And Roll by Led Zeppelin. We regret to inform you that your video has been blocked from playback due to a music rights issue.Replace Your Audio with AudioSwap. Don't worry, we have plenty of music available for your use. Please visit our AudioSwap library to learn how you can easily replace the audio in your video with any track from our growing library of fully licensed songs.

If you think there's been a mistake, or you have other questions, please visit the Copyright Notice page in your account.


The YouTube Content Identification Team

I was a litle bit miffed with this as you can imagine as I quite like the big Led Zeppelin sound track of this video. It was one of my favourites!

In fact it goes like this if you can't remember.

Well, that is actually a tribute band doing a Led Zeppelin song probably without copyright clearance. Lets see if they have to change their Audiotrack.

Now as you saw earlier, the e-mail told me not to worry, because there was plenty of music available in their library to use.

It actually turns out there isn't much there. Well that's of any use anyway.

So, we now have our night out video from Redcar in December 2007 with the soundtrack of...

The Young Werewolves and Curse of the Cocaine Mummies.

And it sounds like this!

Oh wait, it doesn't sound like anything. It's silent. That worked well didn't it! 


It tells me that any can be changed though. So, I am thinking I might upload a video with two different soundtracks (if they do work) to see if they take on a different meaning - what do we think?

Friday, January 9

I'm only jealous but...

...fuck me. 

Ulrika Johnson is allegedly getting £175k for her appearance in Celebrity Big Brother and she'll probably get the boot tonight. 6 and a bit days sat about in a house doing sweet fuck all. So, so very jealous.

Thursday, January 8

The Gaza Strip

Wednesday, January 7

The Best Thing I Watched Last Night

Anyone else caught of any of the Prog Rock stuff on BBC4?

Just me eh!


5 months ago: "I'm very thrilled and excited to have been given the opportunity to captain England."

Quality player turns his back on his home nation to play for us, maybe the most exciting batsman of the last 10 years, and now he's captain! What can go wrong?

Today: "Stick ya job up ya arse."

Fuck you then, you springbok cunt.

Tuesday, January 6

The Best Thing I Watched All Xmas

Are You Missing Woolworths?

I'm not. 

Inspired by a convo some of us lot had in the taxi on the way to Redcar with an old geezer (most of his family had just lost a job at Woolworths by the sound of it so yeah, it was a cheery ride to the seaside!).

What other old shops do you remember/miss?

Saturday, January 3

Jeremy Clarkson - Faker

I happened to turn Dave on earlier (Dave who!?) to find Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame whizzing along on a moped in Vietnam. Was it a repeat of the recent fantastic episode of Top Gear?


This was on Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld which was filmed in...1995??!

Friday, January 2

Happy New Year

And that.

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