Tuesday, November 18

The Great Cake-in-a-Mug Experiment

I will confess straight away. Mister Kipling I most certainly am not. So, if I was to stumble across a way to make the production of cake easier, I'd be an idiot not to try it, right?

During a break from my hectic working life, I found this. It promised cake and quickness, the two things I'd been searching for in my life. It had to be done.

I found myself, sometime later, in the kitchen. That's the room at the back of the house where the tea comes from, one room before the beer fridge. I had lined up the necessary ingredients in front of me, and set about my task, armed only with a shaky hand and slack measuring skills.

Some stuff, today.

For future reference, what does a tablespoon consist of? Is it heaped, flat or in between? I cracked on, using a mixture of the three varieties of tablespoon measurement. There was powder everywhere. The flour went in, then the Tesco Value choccy powder. It was coming together well...

An egg, drowning.

In goes the egg, incredibly minus the shell. I couldn't believe how well this was going. I'd half expected to find a half formed chick in the bottom of my mug, but it never came. Nothing could stop me now! Nothing!

Apart from having to stir the stuff, obviously. As soon as I moved the spoon, huge quantities of eggy powder leapt from the cup, leaving the wife to regale me in French. "Try a little spoon, you f***ing useless c**t!" she shouted. Valentine's Day gets earlier every year. Awww.

Attempting to calm the lumpy liquid, I added oil and water, two things that only usually come as a pair in the same place in my car engine. After more (careful) stirring it was time to bake.

Some "Gunk"

3 minutes is a long time. Especially when you've got your nose prodded up against the microwave door, waiting for the eruption to happen. It didn't.

After using oven gloves to remove the mug, I emptied the 'cake' onto a plate. It looked a bit like choco-scrambled egg, and smelt the same. I tried a piece.

A cake, apparently.

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't world changing either. It certainly wasn't as nice as the cakes the missus made, or the cake from Phil's house which makes Jack and Alfie sing nursery rhymes in Albanian to you.

In fact, I would go as far as to say I won't eat micro cake again. But I need to try it with extra choc, so a bar of Belgian 75% gear was bought for tomorrow's experiment, providing I don't, y'know, die before tomorrow night.

Monday, November 17

FAO Mikey

Something to aspire to.

Saturday, November 15

Dream Team

1st Gumma 567pts
2nd KG 562pts
3rd JBH 461pts
4th Mike 429pts
5th Pete 426pts
6th Jo 422pts
7th KG Snr 399pts
8th Chris 336pts

Thursday, November 13

A Christmas Treat

Game, the video game retail outlet, have created some little cartoon characters to help with Xmas purchases. Nice of them to base one on their best customer, eh?

Wednesday, November 12


Music in time with the visuals or visuals in time with the music?

Monday, November 10

A (much needed) Update

Looks like fantasy footy has taken over the world eh? Only if you're the sort of freak who sits in the bedroom taking advice from people like us. So, what have we been up to?

Well, apart from destroying a supposedly bulletproof VW engine, then getting hypothermia on the side of the A1, life has been pretty quiet recently. It's the credit crunch, I suppose.

Nights out have been reasonably plentiful though, but strangely unmemorable. Maybe it's the "same old same old" factor rearing it's ugly head again. Saturday's night in Manchester, high security nightclubs and all, was excellent though. 

I know, I'll put something on here every night until Chrimbo, in a sort of 'slightly premature advent calendar' stylee. That's not a promise though, natch. So we'll see.

For now? This; turn it up. Turn it up loud.

Saturday, November 8

Dream Team

1st KG 528pts
2nd Gumma 525pts
3rd JBH 426pts
4th Mikey 413pts
5th Jo 410pts
6th Pete 407pts
7th KG Snr 390pts
8th Chris 333pts

Saturday, November 1

Dream Team

1st Gumma 482pts
2nd KG 463pts
3rd Pete 388pts
4th Jo 382pts
5th JBH 381pts
6th Mikey 364pts
7th KG Snr 362pts
8th Chris 305pts

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