Saturday, August 30

Dream Team

1st KG Snr 78pts
2nd Pete 66pts
3rd Chris 63pts
4th JBH 62pts
5th Mikey 50pts
6th Gumma 40pts
7th KG 37pts
8th Jo 29pts

Monday, August 25

FAO: Chaz

Good luck in all your Qatarian adventures! No comedy picture of a panda in a headscarf (PC is too slow) I'm afraid! Fudgee-O's! Immense waiting times! No more parmos! Until Chrimbo! See you then!

Branching Out

It would appear that I've been 'given' 25% of Obscure Internet. Being a funny and talented poster on their forums does have benefits, you see.

The reason I'm telling you this is that you should come and play as well. Mikey has, and has actually told us something albeit in an extremely concise fashion. We talk about all sorts of things, not just the nerdy computer and comics shit that you expect from internet forums (although they are there, nerd-fans!), so why not drop by and tell us some stuff, or something?

I know this is very vague but come and have a look, sign up, etc. You never know, even if you find one thing that you like, then it will have been worth it! More people = more 'fun'!

Saturday, August 23

Dream Team 2008/09

Dream Team is BACK! And as Chris Groves, last seasons winner, will tell you it's more than just a game.

Week one scores...

1st Chris 48pts
=2nd KG Snr 44pts
=2nd Pete 44pts
3rd JBH 37pts
4th Mikey 35pts
5th Gumma 24pts
6th KG 23pts
7th Joanne 10pts

If you want to see who is in each team, e-mail us and I will send you the spreadsheet or I might at some point do a post with everyones team if I can be bothered. E-mail is far easier you see.

Tuesday, August 19

People who have stalked me on Facebook

This is David Cook, apparently:

He 'added' me, but with my being totally faithful to the Facebook Way, I enquired as to just how he was my friend, seeing as I'd never met him before, ever.

His response was "I don't mate. I just thought the pint in your profile pic looked nice." Eh?

On further inspection, I found out that David Cook worked next door to where I work. He was a bit too close for comfort, and I imagined he would be watching me through the chain link fence. Whilst playing with himself.

And this is Lesley Brown:

She's from Gosforth. I've never been to Gosforth, and know nothing of it, apart from the fact that it's a bit Geordie. I have no mutual friends with her. I don't recognise her. This time, with no manners, I just rejected her. I might send her a message now.

She looks a bit orange to me like.

So, just what is the etiquette from stalkers on Facebook? Message and then reject, to shame them back into the correct Facebook Way, a flat rejection, or just add them to make yourself look like you've got more friends than your sad little existence allows? Well?

Tuesday, August 12

Pandora's Box AKA The Sad Box

The Sad Box is the box of CD albums and singles we brought from Coulby to Eston when we moved. They range from forgotten classics to shameful memories, and have been stuck in The Sad Box because they are either songs that you hear and think "OMG that is awesome" or songs that you hear and think "OMG what in the name of living fuck is that?"

The Sad Box was opened on Friday night, unleashing some classics upon an unsuspecting audience. The playlist was as follows (ish, I'd had a few by then):

Town Called Malice - The Jam
Going Underground - The Jam
Kinky Afro - Happy Mondays
Come Taste My Mind - Earl Brutus
To Earth With Love - Gay Dad
C'est La Vie - B*Witched
Bob Marley vs Funkstar Deluxe - Sun is Shining
De La Soul - Say No Go
De La Soul - Me Myself and I

And others, including Take That, that I have forgotten. We learned the Abi loves the Jam, Alex and Chris had never heard De La Soul and had therefore never lived, that Mikey feels 15 again when he hears certain tunes and that we all agreed that we 'would' 3/4 of B*Witched.

Sunday, August 10

Used to think this was awesome...

...10 year ago.

It has to be said it sounds awful now!

Pete - get your old box of CD's sorted now! I was 15 again for a couple of hours on Friday night.

Tuesday, August 5


Me, KG, Phil and Chris visited Amsterdam a few weeks back. Well, here's the vid...

Monday, August 4

Fuck Buttons

No, not something Cinderella might say, but an 'experimental' er, rock/dance band. I listened to their debut album 'Street Horrrsing' the other day, after rioutous recommendations on another website (I know, I thought this was the only one as well).

However, in between (Buy)ing it and putting it on my MP3 player, I read a review that said it consisted basically of 4 things: screeching/screaming/white noise/a bit of a melody. This filled me with dread. This 'noise' thing is usually cool for the sake of it student shit.

In reality though, it works unbelievably well. It sort of does that layering thing, where the beat starts quite simply, but adds bits and then suddenly, near the middle, explodes into an ear-busting cacophony of sound. At first it feels unlistenable, there is so much going on that your brain initially just turns off. But try again, and again, and it seeps into your consciousness. Inside the audio violence is a hidden beauty, and a sort of wonky symmetry, if that makes any sense.

Street Horrrsing is to other music what the Bugatti Veyron is to a Ford Fiesta. Yeah it feels uncomfortable, frightening even to start with, but the Veyron is mind bending and unforgettable, and it feels like the future. Street Horrrsing does the same for music.

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