Wednesday, April 30

Not Dream Team

Nearly CC'd a Xbox 360 with GTA IV the other day. But, Pete's got it so you know. Why bother.

A few of us are off to Liverpool tomorrow! Expect a nice new shiny video soon for you all to watch.

Saturday, April 26

Dream Team

1st JBH 1771pts
2nd Chris 1763pts
3rd Mikey 1727pts
4th Gumma 1704pts
5th Joanne 1672pts
6th KG Senior 1653pts
7th KG 1631pts
8th Graham 1593pts
9th Pete 1533pts
10th Dale 1292pts
11th Stevie 1259pts
12th Jess 1218pts

Saturday, April 19

Dream Team

1st Chris 1735pts
2nd JBH 1723pts
3rd Gumma 1682pts
4th Mikey 1679pts
5th KG Senior 1630pts
6th Joanne 1615pts
7th KG 1608pts
8th Graham 1565pts
9th Pete 1487pts
10th Dale 1269pts
11th Stevie 1222pts
12th Jess 1157pts

Friday, April 18

Mr Whippy, Ever the Optimist

Saturday, April 12

Dream Team

1st Chris 1704pts
2nd JBH 1669pts
3rd Mikey 1630pts
4th Gumma 1625pts
5th KG 1578pts
6th KG Senior 1558pts
7th Joanne 1556pts
8th Graham 1540pts
9th Pete 1429pts
10th Dale 1242pts
11th Stevie 1198pts
12th Jess 1125pts

Saturday, April 5

Dream Team

1st Chris 1662pts
2nd JBH 1609pts
3rd Mikey 1590pts
4th Gumma 1565pts
5th KG 1532pts
6th Graham 1514pts
7th KG Senior 1485pts
8th Joanne 1479pts
9th Pete 1375pts
10th Dale 1191pts
11th Stevie 1142pts
11th Jess 1066pts

Friday, April 4

The Last Two Weeks

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