Monday, November 10

A (much needed) Update

Looks like fantasy footy has taken over the world eh? Only if you're the sort of freak who sits in the bedroom taking advice from people like us. So, what have we been up to?

Well, apart from destroying a supposedly bulletproof VW engine, then getting hypothermia on the side of the A1, life has been pretty quiet recently. It's the credit crunch, I suppose.

Nights out have been reasonably plentiful though, but strangely unmemorable. Maybe it's the "same old same old" factor rearing it's ugly head again. Saturday's night in Manchester, high security nightclubs and all, was excellent though. 

I know, I'll put something on here every night until Chrimbo, in a sort of 'slightly premature advent calendar' stylee. That's not a promise though, natch. So we'll see.

For now? This; turn it up. Turn it up loud.

1 Comment:

Mike Heaney said...

Only really noticed tonight how much like The Who this is.

Mad drum fills, Ghoulish backing vocals ala Entwistle and teenage story telling at its best.

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