Tuesday, August 19

People who have stalked me on Facebook

This is David Cook, apparently:

He 'added' me, but with my being totally faithful to the Facebook Way, I enquired as to just how he was my friend, seeing as I'd never met him before, ever.

His response was "I don't mate. I just thought the pint in your profile pic looked nice." Eh?

On further inspection, I found out that David Cook worked next door to where I work. He was a bit too close for comfort, and I imagined he would be watching me through the chain link fence. Whilst playing with himself.

And this is Lesley Brown:

She's from Gosforth. I've never been to Gosforth, and know nothing of it, apart from the fact that it's a bit Geordie. I have no mutual friends with her. I don't recognise her. This time, with no manners, I just rejected her. I might send her a message now.

She looks a bit orange to me like.

So, just what is the etiquette from stalkers on Facebook? Message and then reject, to shame them back into the correct Facebook Way, a flat rejection, or just add them to make yourself look like you've got more friends than your sad little existence allows? Well?

1 Comment:

Mike Heaney said...

We just want to know who this Kerry Dose is, with the cracking undercracker pictures!

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