Wednesday, June 4

Wii Fit

Jesus Christ, how hard is yoga? Dhalsim made it look so, so easy. I did some sort of bending over thingy, just to get a look at the demonstrator's arse, but ended up nearly snapping my spine in 2.

As for step aerobics, seeing as I have virtually no co-ordination, added to the fact that the dog always wants to join in, means that Joanne always has fits of giggles when watching.

Also, my weight seems to bounce around almost as much as my tits, and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's to do with my full bladder. The Wii Board thingy seems to though, the smug little shit. It's about 2 weeks away from going out of the window.

1 Comment:

c64glen said...

The first time I did the breathing excerise on Yoga I got zero points.

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