Wednesday, June 18

Tuesday is Man-Day

Last night, myself and KG went to the club to watch the football. This was a manly thing to do. I came home from work, having asked the boys if they were coming with me (only KG was), I had my tea, and then a shit/shower/shampoo/shave, and then met KG at the bottom of the road.

We had a bet. We went to the club and spoke with the blokes about racing and football, and played snooker and drank pints. We complained about the loud music from upstairs, and joined in the hard stares whenever someone used the bar toilets, which were really our toilets.

It was brilliant.

So, from now on, I declare Tuesdays to be Man-Days, so go and do a manly thing, and tell us about it here. We could make flyers and a Myspace and a Facebook thing. Lets make Tuesdays worth having again!


Burnley said...

Obviously, this reads like myself and KG are gradually falling down the road toward flat caps and flat beer, but it shouldn't.

It's more about the fact that we can enjoy the finer things in life, of which being a grouchy old fucker is one.

As is that sense of joy when someone sat near you has a 2-0/2-1 correct score double, and it finishes 2-0/2-0. Bliss.

Peter Heaney said...

That was me up there. Whoops!

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