Monday, June 2

A Man in a Fake Beard

I didn't watch Eurovision the other week, I was too busy being not let into nightclubs and wondering how a man walking around a city centre in just some speedos didn't end with a) glass in his feet and b) his face intact. Also, I'm not gay.

If I did watch it, I certainly wouldn't have done the supposed popular thing of having a 'Eurovision Party'. You know, where all of your friends come dressed as a stereotypical representation of their allocated country, and someone misses the point entirely and comes dressed as a turkey.

The UK entry was awful. But of course it was, we sent a bin-man, and no matter how sharp the suit, a bin-man will always deal with rubbish. The winning Russian entry was by Dima Bilan, who is Moscow's answer to Robbie Williams.

France, however, sent Sebastien Tellier. Tellier is known mostly for his beautiful, atmospheric chill out music. His last album was produced by Guy Manuel de Homem Christo, who is one half of Daft Punk. He couldn't be more cool if he doused himself with icy water.

So why did he go to Eurovision? God knows. But his song was quite catchy, have a listen below. The video isn't up to much though. If I wanted to see a chubby white bloke with comedy facial hair, I'd just go and look in the mirror.


Babel said...

are you saying you are one of the actors for that video? I counted 7 different versions...

Peter Heaney said...

Er, no, I didn't say that did I? Anyway, thanks for posting, and are you actually Sebastien Tellier, as your link suggests?

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