Tuesday, June 3

Heroes of the Wallet #5 - Muhammad Ali

**WARNING** This bit contains a really clumsy metaphor, guaranteed to annoy. Sorry, but I think you know what I'm getting at.


Imagine that Steven Gerrard was liked by all fans, regardless of the fact that he plays for Liverpool, or that he's a scouser. The club and place of birth matter to no-one, and he is universally loved. And then, imagine if he went into a Champions League final against finest midfielder of his generation, and totally dominated him.

And then, imagine if he went and threw his Champions League winner's medal in the Mersey because he was turned away from a nightclub because he was a scouser. And imagine that, when interviewed before matches he would recite a rhyme he had manufactured himself, making his pre-match interviews sometimes more of an event than the match itself.

Couldn't happen, could it?

Well, Ali was all that and more.

Clay swings with his left, Clay swings with his right,
Look at young Cassius carry the fight.
Liston keeps backing, but there's not enough room,
It's a matter of time till Clay lowers the boom.
Liston is still rising, now Clay lands with a right,
What a beautiful swing, and the punch raises the Bear clean out of the ring.
Liston is still rising and the ref wears a frown,
For he can't start counting till Sonny goes down.
Now Liston is disappearing from view,
The crowd is going frantic,
But radar stations have picked him up,
Somewhere over the Atlantic.
Who would have thought when they came to the fight?
That they'd witness the launching of a human satellite.
Yes the crowd did not dream, when they put up the money,
That they would see a total eclipse of the Sonny.


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