Friday, June 13

Guilty Pleasures - Track 7

"Its on an advert."

"An advert?"

"Yeah, i can't remember what, think it's an energy company."

It was Twix.

It knocked Penny Lane off the top spot in 1967.

It was The Turtles.

It was So Happy Together.

It is brilliant.

I think the general theme of my guilty pleasures has emerged - I'm into powerful, huge sounding songs and this is as powerful as it gets when the chorus kicks in. That is some wall of sound right there.

But the lyrics are pretty heartbreaking if you take the interpretation of one bloke when I google it...he thinks its about a guy who is so in love with this woman, and hopes that if he calls she will profess her love for him, fate will bring them together and the world will be alright...but, when it comes down to it, all he can muster is "So, how is the weather?"

But I think "So, how is weather?" is a call back to the line "When you're with me, the skies will be blue." and he is kind of saying, "I told you so!"



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