Tuesday, May 27

A Post A Day Helps You Work, Rest And Play

The Dream Team is finished now, so unless one of us fills the void, we may well not update the site until late August.

However, we've got a willing volunteer to fill the gaps. And yes, it's me.

So, I've thrown down the gauntlet to myself to blog every day until the new season starts, by which point a new Dream Team will have started as well, holding our interest until the new Boro signing who cost 20 million plus and we've all picked gets crocked.

There should be plenty to write about, what with Euro 2008, Big Brother 9 (fucking 9), some big nights out and of course all of the injustice in the world to moan about (I'm looking at you, ASDA).

So then! That'll do for tonight. I'm short of ideas already.


c64glen said...

A blog a day? Good luck.

Peter Heaney said...

Hey, tell me about it.

Mike Heaney said...

Easy. Pete - I want to get into the Wallet again! Let's do it man!

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