Tuesday, February 26

Birthday Boy

After the mash up on Saturday for my birthday, here are the boys, Chris, Pete and KG in Walkabout!

Saturday, February 23

Dream Team

1st JBH 1313pts
2nd KG 1305pts
3rd Chris 1252pts
4th KG Senior 1204pts
5th Joanne 1203pts
6th Mikey 1183pts
7th Graham 1182pts
8th Gumma 1178pts
9th Pete 1096pts
10th Stevie 906pts
11th Dale 896pts
12th Jess 878pts

Saturday, February 16

Dream Team

All change and Chris has finally been dislodged from the top spot!

1st JBH 1273pts
2nd KG 1272pts
3rd Chris 1235pts
4th KG Senior 1177pts
5th Graham 1171pts
6th Joanne 1162pts
7th Mikey 1155pts
8th Gumma 1150pts
9th Pete 1089pts
10th Stevie 873pts
11th Dale 865pts
12th Jess 858pts

Wednesday, February 13

An Escape Plea

Sometimes we all just want to get out but imagine if you'd been kept in the same place for 9 months without even seeing the outside world you'd want to be out in the fresh air and especially if your release date was tomorrow (Valentine's Day, chronology fans) and that even that wasn't as sure as you might think it was.

Anyway, I'd definitely want to be out as quick as a flash. Wouldn't you?

Tuesday, February 12


Keith and Mikey's recent trip to Blackpool can be summed up with one picture...

ps. Don't stay at Barron's Hotel. The service is shocking and I was poisoned off their brekkie. And the double bed is broke. And the light. And the mirror. And the TV.
So Barron's Hotel rings us up to ask for a new bed, and after a ten minute argument on the blower, this was a genuine line that she said to KG...
Gita: "C'mon Keith, there must be a brain in there!"
KG: "Ow! Daft cunt! Fuck off!"

Saturday, February 9

Dream Team

1st Chris 1233pts
2nd JBH 1207pts
3rd KG 1201pts
4th KG Senior 1143pts
5th Gumma 1130pts
6th Graham 1128pts
7th Mikey 1118pts
8th Joanne 1113pts
9th Pete 1050pts
10th Dale 859pts
11th Jess 831pts
12th Stevie 825pts

Wednesday, February 6

Dream Team Transfers

Mikey -

Almunia for Kirkland
Lescott for Eboue
Berbatov for Lampard

KG -

Anelka for Rooney
Adebayor for Ashton

Pete -

Lescott for O'Shea
Fabregas for Malouda
Adebayor for Van Persie


Wheater for Terry
Berbatov for Ashton

Chris -

Ferdinand for Terry

KG Senior -

Huth for Riise
Barry for Alonso
Adebayor for McCarthy

Gumma -

Adebayor for Drogba
Anelka for Chopra
Flamini for Geremi

Jess -

Laursen for Taylor
Bentley for Sidwell
Tevez for Owen

Joanne -

Laursen for Hoyte
Fabregas for Defoe
R Keane for Drogba

Sunday, February 3

A new arrival!

Congrats to affiliated Walleteers 'Disco' Dale and Emma 'Roids' Miller who sent Keiron into the world recently. Luckily Kieron hasn't inherited his Dad's suspect dancing, or his mother's suspect hair.

Look! There he is! Er, nice PJs, Emma.

Saturday, February 2

Dream Team


1st Chris 1221pts
2nd JBH 1173pts
3rd KG 1137pts
4th Graham 1115pts
5th KG Senior 1097pts
6th Mikey 1090pts
7th Gumma 1082pts
8th Joanne 1080pts
9th Pete 986pts
10th Dale 836pts
11th Jess 824pts
12th Stevie 813pts

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