Sunday, January 13

Bullying by Text

In Yates "Wine Lodge" last night, Joanne decided she wanted that song that goes "we're loving it loving it, loving it" put on by the DJ. However, it turned out that the DJ had thrown a sickie, so music was being provided by mixtape.

We couldn't remember who sang the aforementioned song, so I texted 'Texperts' on 66000 and asked them. KG couldn't quite believe the standard of Texpert's service, so texted them his own question: "Why am I a lardhead?".

Minutes later, we both got replies; DJ Pied Piper for the song, and for KG:

According to Urban Dictionary, lardhead: one whose head is so fat, it seems as if he has no neck or chin. Possible causes: overeating/hormonal disorder.

Fucking lardhead.


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