Monday, December 31

The Year Gone By

2007 was a bit of an epic!

Personal highlights....


25th Jan - Attended a quiz night with work at Ramside Hall, Sunderland. Our team name was Quiz Team Aguilera....the winning team was called The Jade Goody Fanclub Bombay Branch - how we laughed.

26th Jan - Arc Comedy Night at Stockton.


17th Feb - My birthday night out - where did we go, Boro? It was somewhere where we were almost scrapping!! Likely Oz Bar.

22nd - 24th Birthday

23rd - Night out in Yarm with work. Ended up scrapping in Cross Keys nearly!! I remember being called a thug due to the number of incidents that occured in the last few weeks - all good fun.


3rd March - Sacka's 40th at the Whale Hill I think followed by Town.

16th Mar - KG's birthday - scousers came up, paddys day hat - more fighting!!!

17th Mar - Joannes 30th Birthday - Fancy Dress, pics can be found in the links bar on the right.

30th Mar - Bosses leaving do, a quiz at the Talpore.

31st Mar - Chris's birthday - what did we do, can't remember? We sang happy birthday to him though...must have been a partay at Phils I think...


Easter weekend but can't recall what happened - usually a good sign I was mashed.


4th May - Sedgefield night out with work.

6th May - Bank Hol - Ugandan doctor night out?!

19th May - Cup Final Day

25th May - Comedy night where I managed to park a bit wrong on Barry's forecourt!

26th May - BBQ at Pete and Jo's

27th May - Bank Holiday Sunday


30th June - Went to a Ceilidh in Sedgefield!


7th July - BBQ at Rachel Newtons house.


1st August - Abbies Birthday

4th August - Pete's Birthday night out - what did we get up to?

11th August - Couple of lasses from work's birthdays - KG, Rob and me were all obliterated!!!

22nd Aug - England vs. Germany - went to the Tute and bagged a seat on the bus for...

23rd Aug - York Races

24th Aug - Some Ginger relation of KG's 21st at the Eston and Nby Social!!

26th Aug - Bank Hol night out


14th Sep - Robbies 18th Birthday

27th Sep - Onyx Rooms Launch Night

28th Sep - Liverpool for Emmas 30th

29th Sep - Liverpool all dayer

30th Sep - Everton vs. Boro


6th Oct - Bay Horse for KG snr birthday

19th Oct - AG birthday works night out - ended up in The Empire

21st Oct - Ruby's christening - a mad night in Normanby that was!!

27th Oct - Halloween Party


3rd Nov - Rob Hislops Birthday and Boro vs. Tottenham.

7th-10th Nov - Prague


Couple of good nights out and of course Xmas and NYE etc!

Anyway that's that, probably missed loads!!!!

Saturday, December 29

Dream Team Scores

1st Chris 954pts
2nd Joanne 880pts
3rd JBH 869pts
4th KG 868pts
5th Mikey 837pts
6th Gumma 827pts
7th Graham 822pts
8th KG Senior 811pts
9th Pete 741pts
10th Jess 684pts
11th Stevie 682pts
12th Dale 647pts

Friday, December 28

Christmas Dinner with the Family


Thursday, December 27

Boxing Day Piccies

Saturday, December 22

Dream Team

Latest scores....

1st Chris 840pts
2nd Joanne 825pts
3rd KG 790pts
4th JBH 781pts
5th Gumma 745pts
6th Mikey 733pts
7th Graham 730pts
8th KG Senior 727pts
9th Pete 672pts
10th Jess 646pts
11th Stevie 625pts
12th Dale 607pts

Saturday, December 15

Dream Team

1st Chris 818pts
2nd Joanne 774pts
3rd KG 765pts
4th JBH 749pts
5th Gumma 731pts
6th KG Senior 696pts
7th Mikey 692pts
8th Graham 682pts
9th Pete 667pts
10th Jess 628pts
11th Stevie 591pts
12th Dale 587pts

Sunday, December 9

Redcar Night Out 8-12-07


Saturday, December 8

Dream Team

1st Chris 759pts
2nd Joanne 724pts
3rd KG 695pts
4th JBH 677pts
5th Gumma 673pts
6th KG Senior 651pts
7th Pete 641pts
8th Mikey 640pts
9th Graham 623pts
10th Jess 615pts
11th Dale 552pts
12th Stevie 541pts

Sunday, December 2

Euro 2008 Challenge


Via this.

Equals this?

It's Your Letters! It's Your Letters!

Write to us at, with your requests, ideas, complaints and Dear Deidre style problems. Unless it involves "women's things", we're, er, not very good with that sort of thing.

Straight in then...

Dear Walleteers,

Fucking hell Mikey. I was sitting down tonight with me battenburg, and I says to Annette, where's me cuppa? She hasn't made it has she? Fucking hell Mikey.

Best regards,


Christ knows G, get it off ya chest eh? And save us a seat in the Miners next time the boro are on, we had to stand for a full 90 mins the other day. Er, whoever you are.

Dear Walleteers,

Why not go to Euro 2008 anyway?


Watch this space Michelle, developments on this front soon!

Dear Walleteers,

Would you like to be the Simpsons next year or what?



That's it then, more shite. If only someone would send us a real letter at If you're bored, try signing up at for more nonsense from me. See you soon!

Eston Xmas Parade

Last night, in sub-zero temperatures and driving rain, myself, the Mrs, and several of the fans of the Wallet and associated kids went to Eston square to see the Chrimbo parade.

Topical news bear, Muhammed.

After listening to some kids singing carols, some blokes on motorbikes rode round for a bit. Not sure why they were at the parade, but they were. Perhaps it was because they had motorbikes or something. Also, because you're from Eston doesn't make you Estonian, being from Estonia does.

Are you from Talinn? No.

We were then treated to the "parade" which was a selection of people in fancy dress representing the cream of kids TV and Film characters. It was a fucking travesty.

Why do elephants have big ears? Cos Noddy won't pay the ransom.

Cue a flat faced Noddy and Big Ears, a "two-eyed" Pudsy from Children in Need, shark-like tweenies and a slightly wonky Spongebob Squarepants. Noddy, in particular, looked like he'd forgotten to open the patio doors. The 'highlight' of the evening was the Simpsons, who had just been told "come down to Eston dressed as the Simpsons, it'll be brillo and that". So they did.

"This was a bad idea Homer." "D'oh!"

Homer looked like ex-cricketer Gladstone Small, whilst Marge was as pin headed as she could be. Clearly the people who were told to 'be' the Simpsons, had never 'seen' the Simpsons.

An optically refreshed Pudsy.

In the end though, all was well when Santa appeared. Even the poring rain stopped for a bit. Santa turned up on a horse drawn cart thing, which added to the experience and made up for the shoddy costumes. The kids, especially Abi, loved it.

"I'm cold and wet I want to go..LOOK IT'S SANTA!"

Saturday, December 1

The Canadian Sweet Experiment Part Two

Only the one this time: Fudgee-O's:

They look and smell like the standard bourbon biscuit. I thought they would be shit. I took a bite: OM NOM NOM NOM, and guess what, they taste like a bourbon biscuit as well. OH NO, HANG ON! What's this WONDROUS TASTE SENSATION RISING UP AMONGST MY BEING? IT'S FUDGE-TASTIC, even though THERE'S NO BISCUIT LEFT IN MY MOUTH!

These are unbelievable. Chaz, I require some of these sending over ASAP. Please wait until the finish of the sweet experiment first, in case I find something equally spectacular.

I never thought I'd find fudge so appealing.


Dream Team Scores

1st Chris 685pts
2nd Joanne 666pts
3rd KG 643pts
4th JBH 627pts
5th Gumma 617pts
6th KG Senior 604pts
7th Pete 602pts
8th Mikey 596pts
9th Jess 592pts
10th Graham 574pts
11th Dale 506pts
12th Stevie 496pts

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