Monday, October 29

Dream Team

Transfers all in at last, now here are the scores...

1st Chris 457pts
2nd Jess 429pts
3rd Pete 403pts
4th KG Senior 401pts
5th JBH 387pts
6th Joanne 380pts
7th Gumma 365pts
8th Mike 364pts
9th Graham 348pts
10th Stevie 345pts
11th KG 344pts
12th Dale 280pts

Other transfers as follows: -


Meite -> Richards
Hahnemann -> Friedel
Berbatov -> Van Persie


Lehmann -> Almunia
A Cole -> M Laursen
Kavanagh -> Elano


Aliadiere -> Mido
Parnaby -> Zat Knight
Solano -> N'Zogbia


Primus -> Benjani
McBride -> Samba


James -> Friedel
Yobo -> Lescott
McBride -> Benjani

Saturday, October 20


Me: Slight change as I had three, count em, three Arsenal players in my team. Fucking cheat eh?

Out: Tim f f f fucking Howard, Khizanishvilli and Da Silva
In: Kirkland, Laursen, Fabregas


Out: Yobo, Jenas, Johnson
In: Richards, Arteta, Keane


Out: Lehman, Dawson, Bent
In: Almunia, Toure, Torres


Out: Woodgate, Gamst Pederson, Henri Camara
In: Toure, Barry, Ashton

KG's Dad

Out: Riise, Defoe
In: Richards, Anelka


Out: Primus, Khizanishvilli, Arca
In: Richards, Laursen, Geremi

The rest of the transfers are in Petes house. Allegedly!

Wednesday, October 17

Dream Team Transfers

Come on boys and girls, you've only got till Saturday 12pm to get these transfers in so hurry up!!!

Mine are done now...

Out goes:

T, t, t Tim F, f, fucking Howard 3m
Khizanishvilli 2m
Da Silva 3.5m

In comes:

Almunia 1.5m
Laursen 1.5m
Fabregas 5.5m

I am now a 4-4-2 man. Ooh, check me.

Be Afraid

Be very afraid!!

KG has now suissed out how to Youtube his mobile videos.

That means that your ugly mug but in the main, my ugly mug, will be appearing on here a whole lot more soon.

Saturday, October 13

Dream Team Scores

Remember transfers are due in for next Sat at 12pm!!!!!

1st Chris 344pts
2nd Pete 337pts
3rd Jess 326pts
4th KG Senior 316pts
5th JBH 307pts
6th Gumma 303pts
7th Joanne 300pts
8th Mike 280pts
9th Graham 262pts
10th KG 255pts
11th Stevie 254pts
12th Dale 225pts

JBH has made his transfers...

Out go: -

Woodgate 4.5m 4pts
Gamst Pederson 4.5m 1pt
Henri Camara 1.5m 2pts

In come: -

Toure 4.5m
Barry 4.5m
Ashton 1m

Friday, October 12

Dream Team Transfers

Just to let all you dream teamers know the transfer window is now open and shuts at 12pm on Saturday October 20th.

So don't be a cheap skate, go and buy the Sun and sort them out!! A score update will be on here tomorrow too.

Monday, October 8

Monkey Alan

I'll let Mikey explain the rest, I just supply the impressions.

Saturday, October 6

Dream Team Scores

1st Jess 306pts
2nd Chris 304pts
3rd Pete 276pts
4th KG Senior 274pts
5th Gumma 267pts
6th Joanne 261pts
7th Mike 241pts
8th JBH 237pts
9th Stevie 231pts
10th Graham 226pts
10th KG 226pts
11th Dale 198

Monday, October 1

Dream Team

1st Jess 264pts
2nd Chris 234pts
3rd Gumma 224pts
4th Joanne 220pts
4th Pete 220
5th KG Senior 200
6th Stevie 197
7th Mike 186
7th JBH 186
8th KG 163
9th Dale 161
10th Graham 157

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