Wednesday, August 29

Night Out Review

Not had one of these for a while.

How did it go Pete?

Tuesday, August 28

Any Excuse

Legend this lad...

Saturday, August 25

Dream Team

1st Gumma 82pts
2nd Pete 74pts
3rd Joanne 73pts
4th Chris 65pts
5th Jess 51pts
6th KG 49pts
7th Graham 37pts
8th Dale 35pts
9th KGs Dad 31pts
10th Mike 29pts
11th Stevie 23pts
12th JBH 14pts

Monday, August 20

Witness the Fitness

On Satda night, rumours of a future 7-a-side match against a proper team surfaced.

I decided then, that I really need to get a bit fitter for it. 5-a-side is pretty tough on the old body, surely 7-a-side will pull me apart from the inside. I could do with losing (quite) a bit anyway.

So now, why the fuck am I sat here eating a FUCKING ENORMOUS CHOCOLATE MUFFIN? I'm halfway through it, and I've only just noticed that I'm eating it.

It's an illness you know. I tells ya.

Saturday, August 18

Dream Team 07/08

Football is back!!! And just like last season we are running a Burnley Wallet Dream Team league. I can't be bothered putting everyone's team on here, if you want to know them ask me.

After two games, here's how it's looking...

1st Joanne 56pts
2nd Pete 56pts
3rd Gumma 50pts
4th Chris 41pts
5th Dale 30pts
6th Jess 28pts
7th Graham (with a much different team after he managed to pick most of the Arsenal and Everton squad even though only two players were allowed) 24pts
8th KG Senior 21pts
9th Stevie 18pts
10th KG 17pts
11th Mike 14pts
12th JBH 12pts

It's a fix!!!

Wednesday, August 8

You'll believe a man can fly

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