Wednesday, July 18

I'm Back!

On the internet, that is. Also, I've come home from the wasteland that was Coulby Newham. My 'prodigal son' style return to Eston is complete. Big thanks to KG and Phil for all of their sofa-busting-TV-bouncing-van-based-roundabout-mounting expertise. Cheers chiefs!

Of course, this move wasn't just to get me away from the horrors of "The Smithy", and bring me back towards my favourite boozers. It was based on a need for more Wallet based connectivity, now me, Mike, and the terminally ill KG are within a few yards of each other, we might actually do some of the stuff we've been promising for the last 3 (yeah, I think we've had another birthday since we last spoke) years.

So; on Satda, possibly, if it's nice, me, Mike and Zack might venture up the hills, take some photos and write some stuff! For you lot!

Friday, July 13

An Update

An overdue update on some stuff...

Me and Pete are on Facebook now, get us added if you're on there.

Dream Team is back!! More details to follow on this in a week or three. If you are interested in joning our league, leave a comment. It's £5 a man.

Chris has got a mobile up for here to bid.

Five a Side ratings have fell by the wayside a bit. So here are your marks out of 30 for the last three weeks...

Guest appearances from...Tony M...7, Gumma...6 and Stevie...7

Any arguments with scores right am not interested, post your own ratings from now own!

If you would like to be the guest player in our five a side games please drop us a line.

TV...Big Brother promised to be brilliant this week but the Aussie bird failed miserably, there's still hope tonight though when that loud mouth dirty slag Charley gets evicted, interviewed by Davina and sent back in.

Nights out...Thanks to all of those who have put on a house party recently, top notch burgers all round. Hope you haven't found that hole in the wall yet. We are back out on the razzle tomorrow and hopefully KG will do something silly and we will have another video for Youtube.

Other shit...Tin Tin has some good new videos on here, especially the one in Scotland.

That should do it for a month.

Sunday, July 1

How Things Change

A year ago today it was hot. Oppressively, stiflingly hot. Nothing like the rain and thunder we've had recently, it was a hot, humid July day. And I had my suit on, as did many of the Walleteers.

It was, of course, the big day for Anne and Paul, and here we are, one year on.

So, on the occasion of your first wedding anniversary, many congratulations from all at the Wallet!

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