Monday, December 31

The Year Gone By

2007 was a bit of an epic!

Personal highlights....


25th Jan - Attended a quiz night with work at Ramside Hall, Sunderland. Our team name was Quiz Team Aguilera....the winning team was called The Jade Goody Fanclub Bombay Branch - how we laughed.

26th Jan - Arc Comedy Night at Stockton.


17th Feb - My birthday night out - where did we go, Boro? It was somewhere where we were almost scrapping!! Likely Oz Bar.

22nd - 24th Birthday

23rd - Night out in Yarm with work. Ended up scrapping in Cross Keys nearly!! I remember being called a thug due to the number of incidents that occured in the last few weeks - all good fun.


3rd March - Sacka's 40th at the Whale Hill I think followed by Town.

16th Mar - KG's birthday - scousers came up, paddys day hat - more fighting!!!

17th Mar - Joannes 30th Birthday - Fancy Dress, pics can be found in the links bar on the right.

30th Mar - Bosses leaving do, a quiz at the Talpore.

31st Mar - Chris's birthday - what did we do, can't remember? We sang happy birthday to him though...must have been a partay at Phils I think...


Easter weekend but can't recall what happened - usually a good sign I was mashed.


4th May - Sedgefield night out with work.

6th May - Bank Hol - Ugandan doctor night out?!

19th May - Cup Final Day

25th May - Comedy night where I managed to park a bit wrong on Barry's forecourt!

26th May - BBQ at Pete and Jo's

27th May - Bank Holiday Sunday


30th June - Went to a Ceilidh in Sedgefield!


7th July - BBQ at Rachel Newtons house.


1st August - Abbies Birthday

4th August - Pete's Birthday night out - what did we get up to?

11th August - Couple of lasses from work's birthdays - KG, Rob and me were all obliterated!!!

22nd Aug - England vs. Germany - went to the Tute and bagged a seat on the bus for...

23rd Aug - York Races

24th Aug - Some Ginger relation of KG's 21st at the Eston and Nby Social!!

26th Aug - Bank Hol night out


14th Sep - Robbies 18th Birthday

27th Sep - Onyx Rooms Launch Night

28th Sep - Liverpool for Emmas 30th

29th Sep - Liverpool all dayer

30th Sep - Everton vs. Boro


6th Oct - Bay Horse for KG snr birthday

19th Oct - AG birthday works night out - ended up in The Empire

21st Oct - Ruby's christening - a mad night in Normanby that was!!

27th Oct - Halloween Party


3rd Nov - Rob Hislops Birthday and Boro vs. Tottenham.

7th-10th Nov - Prague


Couple of good nights out and of course Xmas and NYE etc!

Anyway that's that, probably missed loads!!!!


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