Sunday, December 2

Eston Xmas Parade

Last night, in sub-zero temperatures and driving rain, myself, the Mrs, and several of the fans of the Wallet and associated kids went to Eston square to see the Chrimbo parade.

Topical news bear, Muhammed.

After listening to some kids singing carols, some blokes on motorbikes rode round for a bit. Not sure why they were at the parade, but they were. Perhaps it was because they had motorbikes or something. Also, because you're from Eston doesn't make you Estonian, being from Estonia does.

Are you from Talinn? No.

We were then treated to the "parade" which was a selection of people in fancy dress representing the cream of kids TV and Film characters. It was a fucking travesty.

Why do elephants have big ears? Cos Noddy won't pay the ransom.

Cue a flat faced Noddy and Big Ears, a "two-eyed" Pudsy from Children in Need, shark-like tweenies and a slightly wonky Spongebob Squarepants. Noddy, in particular, looked like he'd forgotten to open the patio doors. The 'highlight' of the evening was the Simpsons, who had just been told "come down to Eston dressed as the Simpsons, it'll be brillo and that". So they did.

"This was a bad idea Homer." "D'oh!"

Homer looked like ex-cricketer Gladstone Small, whilst Marge was as pin headed as she could be. Clearly the people who were told to 'be' the Simpsons, had never 'seen' the Simpsons.

An optically refreshed Pudsy.

In the end though, all was well when Santa appeared. Even the poring rain stopped for a bit. Santa turned up on a horse drawn cart thing, which added to the experience and made up for the shoddy costumes. The kids, especially Abi, loved it.

"I'm cold and wet I want to go..LOOK IT'S SANTA!"

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great pics, john

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