Saturday, December 15

Dream Team

1st Chris 818pts
2nd Joanne 774pts
3rd KG 765pts
4th JBH 749pts
5th Gumma 731pts
6th KG Senior 696pts
7th Mikey 692pts
8th Graham 682pts
9th Pete 667pts
10th Jess 628pts
11th Stevie 591pts
12th Dale 587pts


Sand Racer said...

Burnley Wallet boys..

The obscure internet graphic is bolloxxed. Resize it with THIS THINGY

Cheers, Sandracer, or Gamblog to you lot.

Sand Racer said...

Strike that, it's in an Iframe.

Mad Northerners.

Peter Heaney said...

Cheers pal, much appreciated. Had to expand the text bit before it would fit, crazy HTML dudes.

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