Sunday, January 13

2008 and all that

So, it's 2008 and we're still here, nearly 4 years later. Unbelievably, all 3 of us are still alive also (KG is alive, however it's only anecdotal evidence that says so). It's taken us most of that 3 and a bit years to realise that we aren't making this stuff for a global audience and that we'll never probably make much out of it.

However, we do still do it (albeit on a lazy basis) for our friends and to keep as a record of what we did when we were in our mid to late twenties. You know, for alibis and what have you.

Somewhere over the horizon I hear both readers shout "What will you do in the new year?"

Well, who knows? We'll try and log the big events as usual, but if you can think of something you'd like to see 3 morbidly obese idiots do, then drop us a note in the comments or send us an email.

And hey, the BW might just fix it for you!

1 Comment:

Mike Heaney said...

Less of the morbidly obese, fatty!

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