Sunday, November 25

Pub/Club Review: The Arena

Full of unwashed no-brain student wannabes, all walking round going "yeah, isn't Arse-Felcher's new album just so down man?" in their fucking converse and skinny jeans, thinking their in the fucking Strokes or something.

I could do better than this in my fucking garage.



Peter Heaney said...


The fucking band, which was just some kids in hoodies beating up some dustbins, drinks in plastic cups, empty rooms, maze-like corridors, grumpy staff, everyone stood in the same fucking place, middle of nowhere, cold and wet but FUCKING BOILING INSIDE, and the truly stupid 5-quid-in-giant-hand-stamp-nonsense.

I hate you, the Arena, so much so that I rate Gilzeans higher. Burn it down.

Mike Heaney said...

I went last night. It was ace!

Mike Heaney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peter Heaney said...

Then you are clearly even more of a fool than I thought. You fool.

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