Thursday, November 22

The Canadian Sweet Experiment Part One

Joanne's just come back from Canada, where she was visiting Burnley Wallet sponsored panda Chaz. She kindly brought me back some sweets that you can't buy over here, well, not to my knowledge anyway. So...


Clodhoppers: Highly addictive, at least it says so on the pack.

Clodhoppers are like the ultimate rice krispie cake. With a little bit of extra fudge in the mix, they come across as dustier but tastier than a standard krispie cake. Nice taste, but the two camp looking geezers on the pack put you off slightly. 8/10.

Hershey's Kissables:

Kissables: Called Snoggables here, if they existed.

Like smarties, but better. Weirdly shaped, like golf tees that have been snapped in half. Not really better than what we have already. 6/10.

Planters Peanut Butter Bites:

Renowned cannibal Mr Planter.

Almost exactly the same as Reese's Cups. This, however, is not a bad thing. Due to the sickly, stodgy nature of these sweets, they would go perfectly with a cuppa. Also, Joanne doesn't like these, so they're all mine. 8/10.

My teeth have started to itch, so the rest (of which there are many), soon!


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