Sunday, November 4

Birthdays (not the card shop)

Happy Birthday to Alex who was 33 on Thursday!!


Happy Birthday to Rob Hislop who was 40 yesterday!!

This is how drunk Robbie was. We lost him in Walkabout and we found out this morning that he'd gone to the Empire till 4am.

KG: "Where'd you go?"

Rob: "Empire till 4am."

KG: "Did ya? We thought you'd have gone home cos you were minging!!"

Rob: "What you on about!? Yous were in Empire with me!"

KG: "Rob - we weren't."

Highlight's of the day:

Ian aka "Shitface" aka "Black Pudding Feet" molesting Rob in the Tute!!

Rob's reaction to a shot of Green Nephew in Lloyds!!

Luke Young's goal!!




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