Sunday, November 25

Pub/Club Review: The Arena

Full of unwashed no-brain student wannabes, all walking round going "yeah, isn't Arse-Felcher's new album just so down man?" in their fucking converse and skinny jeans, thinking their in the fucking Strokes or something.

I could do better than this in my fucking garage.


Thursday, November 22

Mikey, Satda

Have you got a WKD side? Mike has. It's his back.

The Canadian Sweet Experiment Part One

Joanne's just come back from Canada, where she was visiting Burnley Wallet sponsored panda Chaz. She kindly brought me back some sweets that you can't buy over here, well, not to my knowledge anyway. So...


Clodhoppers: Highly addictive, at least it says so on the pack.

Clodhoppers are like the ultimate rice krispie cake. With a little bit of extra fudge in the mix, they come across as dustier but tastier than a standard krispie cake. Nice taste, but the two camp looking geezers on the pack put you off slightly. 8/10.

Hershey's Kissables:

Kissables: Called Snoggables here, if they existed.

Like smarties, but better. Weirdly shaped, like golf tees that have been snapped in half. Not really better than what we have already. 6/10.

Planters Peanut Butter Bites:

Renowned cannibal Mr Planter.

Almost exactly the same as Reese's Cups. This, however, is not a bad thing. Due to the sickly, stodgy nature of these sweets, they would go perfectly with a cuppa. Also, Joanne doesn't like these, so they're all mine. 8/10.

My teeth have started to itch, so the rest (of which there are many), soon!

Tuesday, November 20


KG and me visited Prague recently, here's what they got up...

Part 1

Part 2

Saturday, November 17

Dream Team

1st Chris 599pts
2nd Joanne 588pts
3rd KG 583pts
4th KG Senior 571pts
5th JBH 551pts
6th Jess 545pts
7th Pete 539pts
8th Mikey 528pts
9th Gumma 515pts
10th Graham 498pts
11th Stevie 462pts
12th Dale 445pts

Wednesday, November 14


A whole host of new videos of us lot can be found here...

Click for Youtube

Sunday, November 11

Dream Team

Back from Prague with a lot of stories to tell but this is more important...

1st Joanne 556pts
2nd Chris 545pts
3rd KG 542pts
4th KG Senior 532pts
5th Jess 523pts
6th JBH 504pts
7th Pete 498pts
8th Mikey 497pts
9th Graham 466pts
10th Gumma 445pts
11th Stevie 432pts
12th Dale 407pts

Sunday, November 4

Birthdays (not the card shop)

Happy Birthday to Alex who was 33 on Thursday!!


Happy Birthday to Rob Hislop who was 40 yesterday!!

This is how drunk Robbie was. We lost him in Walkabout and we found out this morning that he'd gone to the Empire till 4am.

KG: "Where'd you go?"

Rob: "Empire till 4am."

KG: "Did ya? We thought you'd have gone home cos you were minging!!"

Rob: "What you on about!? Yous were in Empire with me!"

KG: "Rob - we weren't."

Highlight's of the day:

Ian aka "Shitface" aka "Black Pudding Feet" molesting Rob in the Tute!!

Rob's reaction to a shot of Green Nephew in Lloyds!!

Luke Young's goal!!



Dream Team

1st Chris 489pts
2nd KG Senior 487pts
3rd Joanne 483pts
4th Jess 476pts
5th KG 456pts
6th Pete 447pts
7th JBH 444pts
8th Mike 431pts
9th Gumma 406pts
10th Stevie 393pts
11th Graham 389pts
12th Dale 347pts

Saturday, November 3

The Mong-ster Mash

Halloween Party Photos, innit!

And hey, if you're not on Facebook now then you basically shouldn't use the Internet. Get with the times, maaaannnn!

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