Saturday, September 29

Postman Patois

Stolen. B3ta. Natch.

Monday, September 24

"Ball" Boy

Saturday, September 22

Dream Team. Oh No!!

Looks like I am last.

1st Jess 217pts
2nd Pete 188pts
3rd Gumma 176pts
4th Chris 169pts
5th Joanne 166pts
6th KG Senior 159pts
7th Stevie 156pts
8th JBH 138pts
9th Dale 134pts
10th Graham 128pts
11th KG 123pts
12th Mikey 122pts

Friday, September 21


Apparently the night he left Chelsea a handful of journalists managed to track down the fleeing Jose Mourinho to a harbourside eaterie in west London. When asked what the official Chelsea statement meant when it stated he left by "mutual consent",

Mourinho replied, "look it up in the dictionary".

Monday, September 17

Belated Congrats

Late as usual, we'd like to pass on our congratulations to....

The Murks: Claire, after much heaving, pushing and apparently gushing finally delivered into the world 7lb 13oz Matilda on the 13th of September. Good news is both mother and child are well, great news is Matilda hasn't inherited 'the nose'. Congratulations, child-bearing chiefs!

Robbie: Robbie finally turned 18 on the 13th, so now he'll be able to buy huge rounds of drinks for the boys. He also had a vomit-tastic party at the Dickens on Friday night, and then on to Walkabout. Good work, legal-age chief!

Sunday, September 16

Women are like car parking spaces

Sometimes, all the good ones are taken, so, when no one is looking you have to stick it in a disabled one.

Saturday, September 8

Dream Team

1st Gumma 151pts
1st Jess 151pts
2nd Pete 148pts
3rd Joanne 127pts
4th KG Snr 110pts
5th Dale 103pts
6th Mikey 99pts
7th Chris 96pts
8th Graham 82pts
9th Stevie 79pts
10th KG 72pts
11th JBH 66pts

Friday, September 7

Crap Week

First Pav now Amos.

Tell you what, anyone with sideburns this good deserves respect.


Thursday, September 6


71 apparently. Around the waist.

Wednesday, September 5

Welcome to Boro 3


Here's a little anecdote for you all from a few years ago. Young Mike, that's me, is out with the boys down Middlesborugh for a cracking little night out and we find ourselves in Barracuda.

I gets chatting to these birds and exchange numbers etc. Anyway on our way home I get a call saying come to Thorntree for a party. We tried to find it but in our drunken state we failed and forgot all about it.

I get a text the next morning saying come round. Well why not eh?

"Which one is your house then?"

"It's the one with the two sofas in the front garden."


I still went. Truly horrible. And the house.

Anyway, enjoy.

Tuesday, September 4

Welcome to Boro 2

Meet Scooby.

Monday, September 3

Welcome to Boro

Over the next few days I'm going to post some videos all filmed in the Middlesbrough area for a little insight into our town.

Here is B&Q on Skippers Lane Industrial Estate. Enjoy!!!

Saturday, September 1

Dream Team

1st Joanne 120pts
2nd Gumma 115pts
3rd Jess 107pts
4th Pete 106pts
5th Chris 90pts
6th Dale 76pts
7th Mikey 68pts
8th KG 67pts
9th KG Senior 66pts
10th Graham 57pts
11th Stevie 57pts
12th JBH 32pts

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