Wednesday, July 18

I'm Back!

On the internet, that is. Also, I've come home from the wasteland that was Coulby Newham. My 'prodigal son' style return to Eston is complete. Big thanks to KG and Phil for all of their sofa-busting-TV-bouncing-van-based-roundabout-mounting expertise. Cheers chiefs!

Of course, this move wasn't just to get me away from the horrors of "The Smithy", and bring me back towards my favourite boozers. It was based on a need for more Wallet based connectivity, now me, Mike, and the terminally ill KG are within a few yards of each other, we might actually do some of the stuff we've been promising for the last 3 (yeah, I think we've had another birthday since we last spoke) years.

So; on Satda, possibly, if it's nice, me, Mike and Zack might venture up the hills, take some photos and write some stuff! For you lot!

1 Comment:

Mike Heaney said...

Ah well, our fantastic summer has ruined that idea then!

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