Friday, June 15

Five a Side

It was a wet night at Goals last night but only underfoot as the rain held off.
We decided upon a rematch from last week.

Me, Paul, KG and The Doc hammered Pete, Phil, Dale and Chris into submission taking an almost ten goal lead at one point.


Pete - Put in a good effort, got frustrated with his team mates who got frustrated with him! Some good goals and skills. 7.

Dale - Does everything right but score, needs to find a right foot. 7.

Chris - Been better in the last few weeks and shooting was a little bit wayward. 6.

Phil - Had plenty of running and shocing and kicking in him but he got plenty back mainly from me! 7.


Me - Lots of running and tackling, and fouling. Shooting was unbelievably bad. Scored 3 but should have had 10. 7.

KG - Some lovely stuff from KG, skills and goals. 8.

Paul - awesome play, goals, passing, tackling and goalkeeping. 9.

The Doc - lot more running than last week and was collossal in goal. 9.

Round 3 next week?


Peter Heaney said...

Yeah, rematch next week. However, with Phil being called up on international duty, he will be replaced by the mighty Russ, lanky legs and Peter Crouch and all.

You lose.

KG said...

If we leave it at 4 a side the cost goes up to £5.44 per man.

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