Friday, June 8

Five a Side: Drop Out Special

College drop outs Russ and Tony M made this a 4 a side affair. "And let me tell ya something Mean Gene, it was a killer, brother!!!"

Anyway enough of 'The Hulkster' and on to the four a side game of champions.

Pete...a cracking performance from Pete, about half way through he pointed out that he hadn't scored and then all of a sudden turned into a man possessed slotting them home from all directions. 9.

Phil...if Schwarzer goes, then Boro should sign him up. Could we score past him? Could we fuck. The lad was the goal keeping king. 9.

Dale...Dale was his usual gazelle like self, sprinting around the place like he weighed no more than 6 stone (oh wait hang on!). Maybe could have scored a few more! 8.

Chris....despite suffering from leukemia Chris fought on valiantly, another good display. 8.


Me...not bad going for me, got in some hefty tackles on Dale, Chris and Pete mainly because Phil was in goal and scored a few. Missed my penatly in the shootout though!! 8.

KG....AWESOME!! Nah, he was alright I suppose, worked his Donnay socks off and nearly broguht his tea up after ten minutes of sprinting about. 8.

Paul...Another good display from this fella! Plenty of goals too. 8.

The Doc...Doc was in scintillating form and scored many a goal. Our team was equally good. 8.

We won the shoot out after, I think, Dale missed in sudden death.


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