Saturday, May 5

Quick DT update

1st Pete 1553 pts
2nd Me 1530 pts
3rd KG 1522 pts
4th Jo 1393 pts
5th Dale and Emma 1340 pts
6th Graham 1320 pts
7th JBH 1228pts
8th KG's Dad 1202 pts
9th Annette 658 pts.


Peter Heaney said...

I'm still winning!

Mike Heaney said...

Interesting day yesterday for DT, not sure how it's going to look come Saturday...

KG had goals from McCarthey and Yobo, clean sheets with Van Der Sar, Yobo and Mellberg.

I had just the one goal from Ronaldo but clean sheets with Sorensen, Lescott, Mellberg and Ron.

And Pete, you had a Ron goal and a Mellberg clean sheet.

It's a last day of the season jobby, or even the FA cup to decide it methinks!!

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