Saturday, May 19

Penultimate Leader Board

One week to go, two big games that could decide where the Dream Team jackpot goes.

It's been an epic season at the top of the table and most of us have led at one time or another. The FA Cup and Champs League Final will be the deciders.

So here goes...

1st KG 1633 points
2nd Pete 1603 pts
3rd Me 1577 pts
4th Jo 1508 pts
5th Dale and Emma 1395pts
6th Graham 1381 pts
7th JB Heaney 1270 pts
8th KG Senior 1214 pts
9th Annette 675 pts


Gorilla Bananas said...

My money is on Dale and Emma.

KG said...

I think I can confidently say I'VE WON!!!!

KG - King of Dream Team!

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