Wednesday, May 30

First Impressions

This is always my favourite episode of Big Brother. Mainly because it is spent texting mates back and forth with the likes of:

"She'd get it."

"What the fuck is that?"

"Dear me."

And, "I hate Davina McCall."

Anyway, on to the show.

First up, Twins. What a way to start. "I'd rattle them!" came the first text. Then they opened there mouths.

"Old Splitarse" Lesley was the next contestant. "Doable. If I was older."

Next up, Kieran Richardson's lapdancing cousin.

Text received: "This is looking good fella." Or maybe I misread it. "Good looking fella."

Tracy. Keith out of the Prodigy anyway.

Er, who was next? Was it Beckham? Think I have possibly missed someone there but on to Beckham. Wahey! Dirty Yorkshire splitter who was, a bit of a stalker, but hey we all have our faults. Text: "Like t' take her oop t' wrong 'un."

Weird glam Asian bloke/bird. No texts.

Indy rock chick. Yep, very nice.

Porker from Wales. Seemed alright.

Miserable Asian bird. Will probably be in final with other Asian bird. Knowing C4.

Weird bitch who came in last with the mad grey hair. Out. Now. Please. Will win it.

So who's the lucky get who has to put up with that lot then. Is it next Friday? I dunno turned it off.

Oh well, that's the best episode over with.


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