Thursday, May 31

Dream Team: Final Scores

Thank you The Sun, for printing the final scores in todays paper.

Here we go then after a long hard season, lots of twists, lots of turns and everyone gave it a good go.

In last place is Annette, she fought hard with a team which suffered from being mainly injured or relegated.

Final score: 675pts.

In the battle of the Dads, KG senior lead for most of the season before some sterling work in the transfer market from JBH saw him go clear.

In 8th place, KG senior on 1228pts.
7th JBH 1268pts.

Now the mid table crunch. All of these lead the table at some point or another but it was the transfers what won it in the end.

6th Graham 1379pts
5th Dale and Emma 1425pts
4th Joanne 1529pts.

Now the final three place. Who has won it?

In third. He lead for the best part of the later part of the season, made a bad decision in signing Lita and watched his lead slip away. That's right it was me.

3rd Mikey 1609pts.

In second, his transfers pulled through and Berbatov and Drogba smashed in goals left right and centre in the last few games taking him just a mere 3pts in front of me. Congratulations on Second place...Peter.

2nd Pete 1612pts.

And of course, the winner is, the master of the transfer market (Drogba and McCarthey of note) and well done for sticking with players that had a poor start (Berbatov and Jenas).

Round of applause please for your 2006/07 Burnley Wallet Dream Team Champion

Keith "KG" Groves on 1652pts.

If you want to be part of our little league next year send us an e-mail or leave a comment!!


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