Tuesday, May 29

5 a Side

We played footy on Thursday and nobody did the ratings. Oh well, nows my chance to upset everyone. Pete's team won but we fought back to within a few goals at the end.

Pete 6 - some lovely stuff but got a bit knackered like the majority of us. Some good goals.
Paul 7 - always had plenty of space and scored a few.
Tony M 7 - skills to pay the bills and good in goal.
Dale - 6 - nowhere near his best, sorry! But still fast as.
Phil - 6 - ferocious tackling, I've got the bruises.


Mikey 6 - got a good kicking off Phil. A few goals from nowhere to got us back on track.
KG - 10 - AWESOME.
Chris - 7 plenty of goals and good attacking play.
Gumma (not his real name) 6 - 3 OGs but some good goals at the other end.
Russ - 6 - lots of missed of shots. And I mean lots.

Same time next week fellas.


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