Monday, April 2

X Factor Weekend

It had to happen one night.

A full on karaoke session all caught on camera!!

It was a wild old weekend, I spent Friday night at my old bosses leaving do (5 months later if you can work that out?) and then losing my rag in Walkabout.

Then, on Saturday, "2pm start?", asks KG.

"Oh aye", says I.

With 16 tins of Orangeboom in our hands we arrived at Casa del Appleby for a good old fashioned birthday party for Chris Groves, who is 22 tomorrow!

Happy Birthday me old son!!

There is a load of videos so I've had to do them separately rather than give an hour long special presented by Kate Thorn....Dermot O'Leary!

So first up, we all love a bit of Jet...don't we?!

And now from Jo and KG...


MORE SOON!!! Including Don't Stop Me Now, Ring of Fire, Winds of Change and a fantastic rendition of What Ya Waiting For!

Oh and there's a few other videos as well to come, a couple of Phoenix Night Impressions, Chris blowing his candles out and 3 completely off it birds raving in Yates!!


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