Saturday, April 21

Points Means Prizes

The Dream Team competition we have ran throughout the season is finally reaching boiling point...

The battle for first place...

1st is Pete on 1481 points
2nd Me 1441 pts
3rd KG 1434 pts

The mid table war...

4th Jo 1316 pts
5th Dale and Emma 1299 pts
6th Graham 1256 pts

The battle of the Dads...

7th KG's Dad 1136 pts
8th Pete and MIkey's Dad 1128pts

Oh, and Annette...

9th Annette 631 pts

Pete - bear in mind that Lampard will get a 20 point bonus for being the top scorer at the end of the season and your apparent 'un-catchable' 40 point lead is halved!

How exciting?


Sad Sack (A.K.A Darren) said...

Can I please play next season?

Peter Heaney said...

Lampard will get fuck all, Drogba will have overtaken him by then. Fat cockney shite.

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