Thursday, April 19

It's your letters!

Yep, this is a bit old skool innit? You've sent us very little lately, and KG's sack is small and shrivelled. Speak to us!

Here's what we have got.....

Dear Walleteers,

Perhaps I could be named after the second largest city in the Czech Republic?

Know what I mean Harry?

Yours puzzlingly,

'Bruno' Tate

I think you'll find it's Brno, you dyslexic knob.

Dear Walleteers,

Done any of those projects you keep going on about?


Most of our readership

We will get round to it, we promise. We've got loads of stuff written down, but that's as far as it gets. Sorry. Really.

Dear Walleteers,

Your singing is fucking awful. You have no star quality. You are ugly bastards. When's your album out, and how are the rest of Westlife?

Yours chunkily,

Brian Macfadden

Sod off, lardarse.

Well that's it again. For another 4 years or whatever. Or until we get another email. 4 years then. Hmmmph


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