Wednesday, March 7

The Top Gear Challenge

Ever since KG bought himself a car the other week the three of us have been itching to do this one...

Make Your Own Top Gear Feature.

Because we love Top Gear and the current series has now ended, we are going to fill the void. So, KG and Pete and whoever else is up for this (Wallet readers - that means you) you've got till the end of March to make a feature approximately five minutes long. Everyone has a mobile camera these days so crack on.

The more over the top, dramatic and ridiculous the better. There will be a prize for the winner of course as well like a certificate or something. We'll find an independent judge somewhere.

And, because I knew this was coming, here's a little teaser of mine...

The Illustrious Fiat Punto.

1 Comment:

Peter Heaney said...

Chief, you've just saved my week off!

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