Saturday, March 10

Dream Team Update

At last we have a Dream Team update and for me, this is not going to be happy typing.

Transfers are in, scores have been updated and let me tell you now, this is squeeky bum time.

1st KG 1194pts

2nd Pete 1193pts

3rd Me 1158pts

4th Dale & Emma 1149pts

5th Joanne 1105pts

6th Graham 1095pts

7th KG Senior 942pts

8th JBH 836pts

9th Annettee 575pts.

As most of us at the top have stolen each others ideas and, now have very similar teams, there's a few key players who can win this for us. This could be a cracking finale to the season!!

1 Comment:

Peter Heaney said...

Great news, come on lads, bring the bacon home! Not that anyones parted with any danish yet like.

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