Tuesday, March 13

30 things update

Well I am pleased to announce that today I achieved...

25. Have something named after you.

Meet Michael...

You see, our Mam bought herself some new goldfish today and unbeknownst to her I suggested the following, "Why don't you call that one Michael?"

She agreed!

1-0-0 Mikey!!


Peter Heaney said...

Is this a competitive thing then?

If it is, prepare to meet Peter Heaney the Dog!

Mike Heaney said...

I thought it was a compo? Hey why not eh?

Sand Racer said...

I had a dog, called "fella". My dad ended up giving it to my aunt for some reason.

I ended up speeching him so I can have my dog back. Aunt brought fella back.

Aunt came back next week in tears with a puppy. She missed the dog, so I ended up with the puppy, she took fella.

I called my new puppy "fella".

When fella came around with aunt, he was "big fella", puppy was "little fella".

Something happened I forget now, my aunt ended up with the puppy after about 5 months aswell.

Now she had 2 dogs, both called fella. Anyway, bug fella stuck with her as a name, and little fella was "little fella".

Got it?

Well "little fella" grew twice as big as "big fella", but the names stuck.

When she took the dogs out and called little dog bigg fella, and the big dog little fella, folk thought she was nuts.

Southern softies eh?..

& when you've twigged that lot, check out the new gamblog, called Sand Racer

I write my bets down there.

Cheers, Gamblog Jon, the Sand Racer Man.

Peter Heaney said...

Joey, you are truly a god amongst men! Must be me £25 up at the moment!

Sand Racer said...


You betting a pound coin a horse?

At that rate, you'll be able to buy some sandals in a few years.

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