Thursday, March 8

30 things to do before KG is 30

Mike's done this before, ages ago, when the Wallet was a youngster. But some of the things just cost too much, and because we were blogging so much then we just got lost in the storm of posts.

So, we've refined the list, and there's a link to it in the sidebar, over there, look -> so you can see how we're getting on.


  • We start today, 8th March 2006.
  • We end when KG turns 30, ie 16th March 2013.
  • We can't break any laws.
  • We can't put ourselves in immediate danger.
  • All three of us have to do the task, no good for one or two of us.
  • Those tasks that one or two of us have done previous to today don't count, so my fortnight on the piss in Benidorm counts for nowt.

But otherwise, anything goes!


1. Lad's Holiday - abroad
2. Visit a country in every continent
3. Win more than £500 quid in one bet
4. Go to an international sporting event
5. Go out every night, including nightclubs, for a week.
6. Attend the Munich Beer Festival
7. Have a horrific accident on video.
8. Send it to You've Been Framed
9. Win a 5-a-side footy trophy.
10. Drive across America
11. See the northern lights
12. Represent a country at a sporting event.
13. Go round a golf course in par or better.
14. Gatecrash a celebrity party, and get away with it. And get in the papers somehow.
15. Night in a haunted house.
16. Get in a national newspaper with a surreal story (a la Uncle Reg)
17. Dye your hair blonde, or get it in a stupid style.
18. Go to a music festival. Done by Mikey and KG, if you count Middlesbrough Music Live.
19. Fly a plane.
20. Smoke cigars in Havana.
21. Own a car with more than 300BHP.
22. Go camping.
23. Learn to cook, properly.
24. Race a Ferrarri round Silverstone.
25. Have something named after you. Done by Mikey!
26. Be on the telly.
27. Have a European Tour.
28. Do a Cannonball Run style race with a load of mates.
29. Stage a protest.
30. Still be alive at the end...

1 Comment:

Glen McNamee said...

Re: Number 18, Does Middlesbrough Music Live count?

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