Saturday, February 10

The World of Music - Live From Coulby Newham

On a Saturday afternoon, you no longer have to actually watch the football anymore. Sky will have a selection of great (and not so great - Beagrie I'm looking at you) ex footballers watch it for you.

So, in the spirit of not watching things anymore, I'm going to watch the music channels for a bit. Just for you. Right, where to start?

21:58 MTV2 - Kasabian - Empire
Ooh yes, very nice, the little violin bit toward the end is most hypnotic. Still a bit too lanky for me.

21: 59 MTV2 - Adverts - Someone apparently from 'the Horrors'
Fucking students, have a word eh? Oh, and get your pissing hair cut. You look like a poodle.

22:01 Smash Hits - A-ha - The sun always shines on TV
Morton Harket, the only man in the world to sound like a geordie fruit and veg stall if you reverse the first letters of his name. I think U2 nicked this a bit, can't remember which one though. Is the video in colour or are my eyes fucked? Not sure. Channel Change.

22:04 MTV - South Park
Do they show even one video a day on MTV now? By the way, South Park is JUST NOT FUNNY ANYMORE SO STOP IT NOW.

22:06 MTV2 - The Fall - Free Range
That's better. Yes it's old, and it isn't wonderfully produced or even that catchy, and you can't actually make most of the words out. However, it's got drive and passion, and a message (which was helpfully written on the screen at the start). One of these equals a million mass-produced Mika's. God bless real music. Will stick with MTV2 through more ads.

22: 15 Channel U - Unknown
Couldn't wait for the ads. A large black man shouting at a woman in tight trousers, whilst an earthquake happens in the background. Apparently you can order this "as a ringtone". Presumably you shit yourself every time your phone goes due to the huge resonance.

22:17 MTV2 - The Prodigy - Poison
If only they hadn't found the guitars, then surely the Prodge would rule the world now. As it was, they decided a man called Keith with a ridiculous haircut was the way forward. Fucking fools, you wouldn't see us.......ah.

22:19 MTVFLUX - Modjo - Lady
Ah, the filtered French sound of '99. It makes me all warm inside and I hark back to those halcyon days outside Leos with a £1.80 triple spirit and mixer. Wonderful. You know, these, Stardust, Cassius, quality dance music which you could actually, y'know, dance to.

22:21 MTVFLUX - MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This
Jesus, even 16 (yeah, I know) years later I still wish I could dance like that. And what a classy tune it is too! Yeah. Right.

22:26 MTVFLUX - Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
Still, officially, the best song I've ever heard. They must have read my mind. I'm off now. To dance round the front room. I hope Phats and Small are on next. I might even go to Sharkys. No. No I won't.


Mike Heaney said...

After visiting the Horrors website, they do indeed need haircuts!! Dear me.

Lady Hear Me Tonight was in fact a number one back in September 2000 not 99 and is still played regularly round here.

And Music Sounds Better with You, which samples Chaka Khans "Fate". Stardusts effort was best enjoyed by KG in his first ever night out when he fell asleep in the Empire - which funnily enough is the title of our first song.

Almost like Stephen Fry that wasn't it.

Peter Heaney said...

No, it wasn't.

Mike, you should grow your hair in the same style as the geezer from 'the horrors' as a BW challenge.

Mike Heaney said...

Er, how about no.

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