Tuesday, February 20

“What in Christ’s name is that?”

Dance moves come and dance moves go. The moonwalk, the twist, the mashed potato, the lindy hop.

Not too long ago a new dance move was brought into our lives.

Allow me to explain. In fact, here’s Robbie Hislop completely off his tits in the Terrace bar on Albert Road showing us just how its done.

This craze took off and quickly it became a feature of almost every night we went on.


Because quite simply it was 'hilarious' to do something a little bit mental, off the wall and to bring out the natural “spaz” in all of us!

Paul Ahdal, a colleague of KG invented it, I think. Or maybe he’s just showing his age and has adapted it from Ian Curtis of Joy Division.

If one person loved it, it was KG. We just couldn’t stop him at one point. He was so in to it he used to put in warm up sessions in his back garden.

Even on nights out. Here’s KG going for it in Yates.

Then one hot summers day last year after the brilliant stag night in Liverpool, a few of us stayed out in Normanby and I lost my Dead Fly virginity. On camera.

But it didn’t stop there and at the hot summers day celebrating Chris and Alex’s wedding a few weeks later this happened…

And, well I am very pleased to say that was it, its all over with, retired and put to bed.

It was fun while it lasted!! I have to say though how many people asked themselves the question when they saw us…

“What in Christ’s name is that?”

It was the legendary Dead Fly.

1 Comment:

Peter Heaney said...

Dead fly was rubbish. It couldn't hold a candle to the Phats and Small Turnaround Dance, Dale's Shoulder Wobble or the Appleby Motorbike.

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