Monday, February 5


I visited mima on Friday. Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art. The brand new £19million art gallery opened a week or so ago in a blaze of firework goodness.

It’s a truly fantastic building which seems to have taken an age to construct. An imposing block of concrete rising from what was once an overcrowded car park.

So during a chat with Marie (a friend from work) during one of the intervals of the comedy night last Friday (see Die Clatterschenkenfietermaus asap!), we got on to the subject of mima.

“We should definitely go! It looks great.” She said enthusiastically.

I shared her enthusiasm and sent a text. Monday it was - the visit was set. Monday came round but things got in the way. And again, on Tuesday and Wednesday too. On Thursday we hit the Hut. Pizza Hut that is for Diane’s birthday treat. How we do spoil each other at the office! Maybe I was never going to get there.


The sun was shining, the sky like a glorious blue and white painting, perhaps like something I was expecting to see in mima. A true work of art. And you know what, at last Middlesbrough has something good, something big and bold and sophisticated and I don’t mean the new George shop in the Mall.

7 long days later I stepped in with a hint of excitement.

And was let down. Very let down.

“Is this it?”

“What the?”


“Is that a woman with a beard crapping in a bucket?”

Yes it is. And no it wasn’t very good.

It was like someone had gone to a GCSE art class in South Bank and ripped random pages from some below par students sketch book. Average would sum it up. There was nothing there I couldn’t have done. Really! Yes, Picasso, Hirst, Warhol and several other of the ‘big’ names have left me feeling a bit like I should have appreciated the building in itself or that, I just wasn‘t getting it.

Perhaps I could be an artist. Or perhaps I am more than too happy to tell myself that a piece of cloth with tea stains on it (it’s in room 2) is nothing more than just that and, a woman with a beard sitting on a bucket is something I only want to see on a Bluetoothed video.

But, on a lighter note, I suppose it was free and, chances are, it will become a great nightclub for my kids to go to.


Peter Heaney said...

Perhaps you're just a philistine Mike, and this sort of highbrow exercise is lost in your closed and tiny mind. Or maybe it's just shit. I shall have to take a look myself, perhaps on Satda morn. Was it busy when you went? Did it contain any chavs, and do you think it has "Young Offender Monday", like the Showcase?

Mike Heaney said...

It was dead. If you go on Saturday park somewhere where it's free or you will be gutted.

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