Monday, February 5

KG Penalised

On Saturday at Middlesbrough vs. Arsenal, the Burnley wallets very own KG fulfilled a lifetime ambition.

"Can we have two proper Boro slapheads down here to take the penalties please?"

KG almost breaks his seat in half with the sheer force of his leap in the air screaming, "PICK ME!! PICK FUCKING ME PLEASE!!!"

Mark Page spots the excited KG in the crowd, "Okay you mate, oh hang on we've got Al Murray here. Where are you from mate?"


"Okay Keith you get three shots and they must clear the banner okay?"


Let's see how Keith did...


Peter Heaney said...

KG - Must try harder. 5.

Keith said...

I can confirm the bloke from rang me today and my playing cards are in the post!!!

Gamblog Jon said...

I've seen worse players playing for QPR.

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