Thursday, February 1

(Insert Sponsor Here) Dream Team Update

All change at the top following Pete's update. I'm chavvy enough to read the Sun daily unlike boffin Pete who flicks through the Times like he understands it all.

So, ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls; and Keith here we go.

1st Dale and Emma 960pts
2nd Me 957pts.
3rd KG 920pts
4th Pete 905pts
5th Graham 901pts
6th Jo 831pts
7th KG Senior 814pts
8th JBH 684pts
9th Annette 495pts

Like Pete said things are seriously hotting up.

Transfer Window clarification...I spoke to Pierre tonight and, though the window officially closes at 12.30pm on Saturday, we are, due to the short notice, giving you the chance to view a potential transfer in action this weekend to make those important 3 decisions.

Points scored on Saturday will count for transfers you make for Wednesday. If that makes sense! If you decide to buy say Crouch next week, if he scores points on Saturday they will count.

KG - you will be allowed to change your transfers since life has been hard to you so far we wouldn't be so mean!!

1 Comment:

Peter Heaney said...

As KG is beating me his points won't count until June. So there.

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